A Musical Journey
Ann Hobson Pilot - A Musical Journey

In February of 1997, Ann Hobson Pilot traveled to South Africa to perform as a soloist with the National Symphony of Johannesburg - a performance that for a black artist like her would have been unthinkable in the days of apartheid.

But the concert hall was only the beginning of Pilot's musical adventure. After the Johannesburg concert, she and her husband, Prentice, journeyed into the bush to explore the roots of her instrument.

The Results of this project were documented in the video " Ann Hobson Pilot - A Musical Journey" which has aired nationwide on the PBS - public broadcasting stations - and was sponsored by WGBH of Boston and the Museum of Afro American History of Boston.

After a moving performance, Pilot and her husband travel to the bush of Namibia for the second part of their journey - their search for the roots of the harp. There, Pilot meets bushmen whose lifestyle has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Under a giant baobab tree, the bushmen play their five stringed harp - called oaci - for the Pilots.

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